Banishing Questions and/or Dissenting Viewpoints

Watts Up With That?

by Russell Cook

Imagine a scenario where you believe a lack of public understanding about a critically important scientific issue is impeding progress on solving the issue. Since many common people communicate through social media, you’d welcome inquiries and constructive criticism from myriad Twitter users because this would allow you to not only solidify the soundness of your position to a much wider audience. You would further use it as a fabulous platform helping you to demonstrate your complete openness to educating the masses, wouldn’t you?
As I demonstrate below, Dr Michael Mann and some other entertaining folks don’t exactly agree, when it comes to man-caused global warming. Share your experiences in the comments section.

What crime prompted that? Either this one

You feel a need to trash @HeartlandInst ‘s book because its chapter 1 eviscerates the 97% consensus, yes?

… or this reply to one of his supporters

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