Science Funding Misinformation

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A headline on a news story falsely claims that ‘9 countries outspend the US on science.’ In fact, America spends more than all nine combined.


Seeking firm numbers regarding the amount of money the United States spends on scientific research, I recently typed the following phrase into Google:

US R&D spending versus other countries nations

A list of results appeared, the first of which was a link to Wikipedia, not always the most reliable source. The second was an outrageously inaccurate headline from Business Insider. It declared that “9 countries outspend the US on science”:


This is a shameful example of fake news. Of distorting reality. Of telling people the opposite of the truth.

Clicking the link took me to a page with a slightly different headline: “These 9 countries spend a greater share of money on science than the United States.” The news story, published a year ago, is about an OECD…

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