An oddity in the Karl et al. 2015 buoy data adjustments

Watts Up With That?

Frank Lansner writes via email:

I just want to make sure that people are aware of this little maybe-oddity regarding argumentation for ERSSTv4 data changes due to the shift from ship measurements to buoys.

We are all focusing on the data changes ERSSTv3b to ERSSTv4 after year 2003 as these affect the pause.

And so the argument goes, that it’s the shift to buoys that makes warm-changes necessary in ERSSTv4.

But if so, what about the period 1986 to 2003 ? In this period we have an increase from around 8% to 50% use of buoys.

So why is it not necessary to warm adjust 1986-2003, just like 2003 – 2016 ?

I’m aware that this may have been addressed many times, but I just have not noticed.

Data of buoy fractions In % are estimates from this article:

Until 2006 percentage values are read from the graphic in…

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