A Hiding to Nothing

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Clive Best


The currently held belief that we must  decarbonise the world’s economy in order to to stop climate change is a dangerous illusion. It is a ‘hiding to nothing’. I have come to the conclusion that if emissions were held constant for 30 years then the airborne fraction of CO2 emissions would reduce to zero. In other words if the world can hold emissions constant at say 30GT CO2/y then sinks will increase to balance all annual emissions. Thereafter CO2 levels would remain at below 440ppm indefinitely, so long as emissions remain constant.


I will argue below that in order to stop global warming all we really have to do is simply stabilise CO2 emissions, not reduce them to zero!  This alone will stabilise CO2 levels within less than 30 years.  The origin of the ‘myth’ as promoted by nearly all IPCC climate scientists…

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