Hemispheric Ocean Temperature Sensitivity

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post By Willis Eschenbach

Often I start off by looking at one thing, and I wind up getting side-tractored merrily down some indistinct overgrown jungle path. I was thinking about the difference in the strength of the sunshine between the apogee aphelion, which is when the Earth is furthest from the sun in July, and the perigee perihelion in January, when the Earth and the sun are nearest. On a global 24/7 average value, there is a peak-to-peak aphelion to perihelion swing of about twenty-two watts per square metre (22 W/m2). I note in passing that this is the same change in downwelling radiation that we’d theoretically get if starting in July the CO2 concentration went from its current level of 400 ppmv up to the dizzying heights of 24,700 ppmv by January, and then went back down again to 400 ppmv by the following July … but I digress.

Now, because the Earth…

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