Texas attorney general calling for end to Virgin Islands’ Exxon probe

Watts Up With That?

By Andrew Restuccia

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is calling for a halt to the U.S. Virgin Islands’ investigation into ExxonMobil.

Paxton is slated to hold a press conference this afternoon to discuss his request “to put an end” to Virgin Islands Attorney General Claude Walker’s probe into the company over whether it suppressed internal research about the threat of climate change. Walker has issued subpoenas to Exxon and at least two other groups with ties to the company: the Competitive Enterprise Institute and DCI Group. In addition, Walker’s Exxon subpoena requests communications between Exxon and more than 100 right-leaning and free-market groups, climate skeptics, academics and others.

Exxon, CEI and its allies have stronglyobjected to the subpoenas, arguing that they amount to a fishing expedition. Exxon is separately complying with a separate subpoena from New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who requested climate change-related documents under his state’s…

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