Analysis of the Relationship Between Land Air Temperatures and Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentrations

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Clyde H. Spencer

Before getting into the details of the analysis, it must be stated that there are a number of issues with the available temperature data sets. Some critics have dismissed the historical ocean pH measurements because of the poor spatial sampling. However, the same criticism can be made about historical temperatures. There are still concerns about the influence of the Urban Heat Island effect on recent temperature readings. In addition, the temperature record is a moving target because there are on-going changes made to try to correct for the shortcomings of a system that wasn’t intended to be used to track long-term changes. Therefore, if you attempt to reproduce my results, you will probably find that the data have changed. The Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) project was started because of distrust in the other existing data sets. I have chosen to use BEST data…

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