Briffa embraces tree ring uncertainty in new study, gives ‘message to the paleoclimate community’

Watts Up With That?

From the UNIVERSITY OF OTAGO and the “one tree doesn’t work anymore” department:

1280px-Pinus_sylvestris_wood_ray_section_1_beentree Scots Pine tree rings

Uncertainties in tree-ring-based climate reconstructions probed

Current approaches to reconstructing past climate by using tree-ring data need to be improved on so that they can better take uncertainty into account, new research led out of New Zealand’s University of Otago suggests.

Tree growth rings are commonly used as climate proxies because they can be well-dated and the width of each ring is influenced by the climatic conditions of the year it grew in.

In a paper appearing in the Journal of the American Statistical Association, statistics and tree ring researchers from Otago, the US and UK examined the statistical methods and procedures commonly used to reconstruct historic climate variables from tree-ring data.

The research was led by Dr Matthew Schofield of Otago’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics. His co-authors on…

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