Lewandowsky’s Psychological Science publishing hoax reaches the media

Watts Up With That?

From Paul Matthew’s Climate Scepticism blog:

In the blogosphere, the hoax paper by Lewandowsky, Oberauer and Gignac,  NASA faked the moon landing—therefore, (climate) science is a hoax was exposed soon after it came out  –  see blog posts by Jo NovaSteve McIntyre, Brandon Shollenberger, José Duarte and many others. Duarte’s comments are significant as he is a published researcher in the field, referring to the paper as a fraud and calling for its retraction.

The most concise explanation of the error/fraud is given at Kevin Marshall’s ManicBeancounter blog. The paper claims that belief in conspiracy theories predicts climate scepticism, yet of over 1000 in the sample, only 10 believed the moon landing was faked (rendering any statistical results completely meaningless) and of these 10 only 3 were sceptical about climate change. Despite the fact that the main claim of the paper and its title…

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