COP21’s Green Gibberish

Big Picture News, Informed Analysis

The Paris climate summit is many things, including a cultural spectacle wrapped in lightweight media fluff.

The back cover of a commemorative edition of edition of Elle magazine, published in France.The back cover of a commemorative edition of Elle magazine, published in France. Click to enlarge.

I’ve been in Europe for a week. As one might expect following the November 13 Paris terrorist attacks, airports here are now patrolled by soldiers equipped with machine guns.

But it’s the holiday season. Lights are twinkling, Christmas trees are being sold on sidewalks, and the shops are crowded. I flew to Paris not to report on COP21, the official climate conference, but to participate in a counter-conference that presented alternative points of view. The slogan for that event is a quote attributed to George Patton: If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.

In the French media, COP21 is receiving the kind of attention associated with the Olympics or a film festival. Politicians have been extensively photographed, and pages…

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