The Eagles are Bad and Chip Kelly (the GM and Head Coach) is to Blame

Eagles Rewind

Chip Kelly the general manager deserves all the blame he has received, but Chip Kelly the coach is also part of the problem.

Patrick Causey, on Twitter @InsdeTheHuddle

In January of this year, I was sharply critical of Jeffrey Lurie’s decision to make Chip Kelly the head of player personnel. I did not like the decision to vest that much power in one person, especially when that person already had to handle being the head coach and play caller.

I was equally concerned with the manner through which Kelly sought to rebuild this Eagles franchise. Kelly seemed to take a page out of the playbook employed by the Daniel Snyder-led Washington Redskins of the early to mid-2000s: high roster turnover, big free agent signings, and even a new wrinkle: relying on oft-injured players.

Many others saw these issue too. Perhaps the most ominous warning came from Bill Barnwell, after the Eagles signed DeMarco Murray…

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