COP21: Public support for tough climate deal ‘declines’ 

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But not the end he was thinking of ? [credit:] But not the end he was thinking of ? [credit:]
Are prophets of climate doom going out of fashion? The BBC fears so.

Public support for a strong global deal on climate change has declined, according to a poll carried out in 20 countries. Only four now have majorities in favour of their governments setting ambitious targets at a global conference in Paris.

In a similar poll before the Copenhagen meeting in 2009, eight countries had majorities favouring tough action. The poll has been provided to the BBC by research group GlobeScan.

Just under half of all those surveyed viewed climate change as a “very serious” problem this year, compared with 63% in 2009.

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An Important Lesson On The Anniversary of Climategate.

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Guest Opinion: Dr. Tim Ball


I keep adding to my homemade list of aphorisms as events in this crazy world over take me. One I listed says,

Rules designed to facilitate operations bring them to a halt when people work to rule.

Misuse of rules was central to the corruption of climate science and, sadly but not surprisingly it continues.

We just passed the 6th anniversary of the release of emails from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU), an event James Delingpole called Climategate. I would like to say celebrated, but the full impact of the release did not affect science and society like its namesake. Instead, it is impacting in negative ways as the culprits continue their assault on the advance of knowledge and dissemination of information in a free and open society. Exposure of the cover-up was Watergate’s undoing, but the Climategate cover-up succeeded. The spin-doctors took over…

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Similarities to Jim Jones and the Cult of Climate Change

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Guest opinion by Arkady Bukh, Esq

The apocalypse of an alleged climate change shares many of Jones’ cult-like qualities.


Jim Jones, the People’s Temple leader, led over 900 persons to commit suicide 32 years ago. Jones was charismatic and knowledgeable of both Scriptures and human behavior.

After the mass murder/suicide and the murder of U.S. Congressman, Leo Ryan, Jones and his followers were on the news every day for weeks. Jones, who built his cult around a “doomsday” scenario — convinced his followers that the world was past due for an apocalyptic ending very soon.

The apocalypse of an alleged climate change shares many of Jones’ cult-like qualities.

There are other similar traits, but here are four:

1. Climate doomsayers believe they possess truths about the past, present and future and their truths cannot be disputed by anyone.

2. Doomsayers refuse to debate their belief. They call their dogma…

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Eagles Hit Rock Bottom

Eagles Rewind

Patrick Causey, on Twitter @InsdeTheHuddle

The Eagles hit rock bottom today with one of the worst losses in recent memory. In a critical game that could have put the Eagles in first place of the NFC East, the Eagles didn’t just play poorly, they didn’t even show up.

This game, this performance, this team was an indictment on the Chip Kelly rebuild process that saw him overhaul a roster that went 10-6 in consecutive seasons. Kelly spent the entire offseason getting “his guys” that bought into “his culture,” — and this was the result. 4-6 and unable to take advantage of repeated opportunities to grab the weakened NFC East by the throat.

While I have not bought into the “Fire Chip Kelly” mantra — yet — it is becoming harder to ignore as the bad losses start to pile up. The Eagles loss to the Dolphins seemed like the low point of…

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The Eagles are Bad and Chip Kelly (the GM and Head Coach) is to Blame

Eagles Rewind

Chip Kelly the general manager deserves all the blame he has received, but Chip Kelly the coach is also part of the problem.

Patrick Causey, on Twitter @InsdeTheHuddle

In January of this year, I was sharply critical of Jeffrey Lurie’s decision to make Chip Kelly the head of player personnel. I did not like the decision to vest that much power in one person, especially when that person already had to handle being the head coach and play caller.

I was equally concerned with the manner through which Kelly sought to rebuild this Eagles franchise. Kelly seemed to take a page out of the playbook employed by the Daniel Snyder-led Washington Redskins of the early to mid-2000s: high roster turnover, big free agent signings, and even a new wrinkle: relying on oft-injured players.

Many others saw these issue too. Perhaps the most ominous warning came from Bill Barnwell, after the Eagles signed DeMarco Murray…

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