Charlie Parker: The Charlie Parker Story (1945) Savoy



Selection:Ko Ko

Ko Ko – Short Take #1 (0:40)

Ko Ko – Orig Take #2 (2:50)

NEW!! courtesy of LJC poster FelixStrange – 78 master Ko Ko – mindblowin’!


Ko Ko Savoy 78rpm Charlie Parkers Bebop Boys: (FLAC by FelixStrange, conversion to MP3 160kbs by LJC to meet  Wordpress audioplayer restrictions)

“78s are usually a big step down in sound quality from LPs to say the least, but there’s something riveting about hearing Bird’s alto pouring from an original ’46 Dial pressing with “Released by Tempo Music Shop, Hollywood Calif.” across the bottom.

Back then, bop was still an underground revolution. It was an enigma to most, strange and esoteric to the uninitiated. It was still a couple of years until the endless cliches of Charlie Parker imitators were flowing out the doors of every night club in every American city and Diz’s beret and goatee were co-opted as dismissive…

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