Charlie Parker: The Charlie Parker Story (1945) Savoy



Selection:Ko Ko

Ko Ko – Short Take #1 (0:40)

Ko Ko – Orig Take #2 (2:50)

NEW!! courtesy of LJC poster FelixStrange – 78 master Ko Ko – mindblowin’!


Ko Ko Savoy 78rpm Charlie Parkers Bebop Boys: (FLAC by FelixStrange, conversion to MP3 160kbs by LJC to meet  Wordpress audioplayer restrictions)

“78s are usually a big step down in sound quality from LPs to say the least, but there’s something riveting about hearing Bird’s alto pouring from an original ’46 Dial pressing with “Released by Tempo Music Shop, Hollywood Calif.” across the bottom.

Back then, bop was still an underground revolution. It was an enigma to most, strange and esoteric to the uninitiated. It was still a couple of years until the endless cliches of Charlie Parker imitators were flowing out the doors of every night club in every American city and Diz’s beret and goatee were co-opted as dismissive…

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The Radical Environmental Agenda Should Be Rejected, even if Global Warming Is Real

International Liberty

I believe that protecting the environment is both a good thing and a legitimate function of government.

But I’m rational. So while I want limits on pollution, such policies should be determined by cost-benefit analysis.

Banning automobiles doubtlessly would reduce pollution, for instance, but the economic cost would be catastrophic.

On the other hand, it’s good to limit carcinogens from being dumped in the air and water. So long as there’s some unbiased science showing net benefits.

But while I’m pro-environment, I’m anti-environmentalist. Simply stated, too many of these people are nuts.

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Shukla’s Gold

Climate Audit

shukla millionRoger Pielke Jr recently made the remarkable discovery that, in addition to his university salary from George Mason University (reported by Pielke as $250,000), Jagadish Shukla, the leader of the #RICO20, together with his wife, had received a further $500,000 more in 2014 alone from federal climate grants funnelled through a Shukla-controlled “non-profit” (Institute for Global Environment and Security, Inc.), yielding total income in 2014 of approximately $750,000.

Actually, the numbers are even worse than Pielke thought.

  • Pielke had quoted Shukla’s 2013 university salary, but his university salary had increased more than 25% between 2013 and 2014: from $250,816 in 2013 to $314,000 in 2014.
  • In addition, the “non-profit” organization had also employed one of Shukla’s children (not reported, but say $90,000); and,
  • IGES transferred $100,000 from its climate grants to a second corporation controlled by the Shukla family (the Institute for Global Education Equality of Opportunity and Prosperity, Inc.), which in…

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Reckless Misinformation from Barry Klinger and the RICO 20

Climate Audit


The RICO-20 gang of climate academics commenced its supposed campaign against misinformation with false information about skeptic reactions to the Cuccinelli investigation. Barry Klinger, one of Shukla’s hangers-on at George Mason University,  stated:

However, I don’t recall climate contrarians coming to the defense of Michael Mann when he was subject to ideologically-based legal harrassment from then-Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli as well as from Republicans in Congress.

Klinger’s statement is completely untrue, as he could have discovered with a moment’s investigation. I, Ross McKitrick, Tom Fuller, Chip Knappenberger, Pielke Jr and John Christy, among others, all forcefully criticized the Cuccinelli investigation. In today’s post, I’ll rebut Klinger’s false information.

To be clear – and this nuance was not recognized by all readers – I did not challenge Cuccinelli’s right to investigate financial impropriety; my argument was against what I saw as an abuse of administrative authority – a topic…

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A Preliminary Look at the Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies Since 1940 along Hurricane Joaquin’s Forecasted Storm Track

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by BobTisdale

As of today’s 5am eastern NOAA forecast, Hurricane Joaquin may impact the east coast of the United States from North Carolina to New England, with it downgrading to a tropical storm by the time it nears New Jersey. See the cone in Figure 1 from NOAA’s National Hurricane Center. If history repeats itself, and it’s very likely to do so, alarmists will be claiming that Hurricane Joaquin is being made worse by oceans warmed by manmade greenhouse gases.

Figure 1

Figure 1

We ran into those nonsensical claims when Sandy wreaked havoc three years ago, and we countered them with presentations of data from NOAA:

NOAA has removed the weekly Reynolds OI.v2…

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