Science Made To Order; AGW Proponents Modus Operandi?

Watts Up With That?

NOTE: In this essay, commenters have noted that Dr. Tim Ball used a rhetorical device in this sentence:

“The following is a possible email from John Holdren, Obama’s Science Czar, to bureaucrat Karl, or at least to his boss, at NOAA.”

Had I seen the word “possible”, I would not have allowed the subsequent paragraph where Dr. Ball outlined a “possible” email. While I understand what he was trying to do, this is just wrong, and I apologize to readers that this rhetorical device even exists in this essay, because it opens the possibility that somebody may interpret this as a real email.

UPDATE: This article has been revised and updated, and Dr. Tim Ball writes: Here is an extensive revision of my article to replace the one that caused so much grief. 

The current article as of 7PM PDT 6/16/15 has been fully updated.- Anthony Watts

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