Jimmy Page – The Zeppelin Era

The Effects Behind Their TradeMark Sounds

Page’s past experiences both in the studio and with the Yardbirds were very influential in contributing to the success of Led Zeppelin in the 1970s. As a producer, composer, and guitarist for the band, he was one of the major driving forces behind the rock sound of that era, with his trademark Gibson Les Paul guitar and Marshall amplification. In the studio however, Page often used a Supro amplifier and a Telecaster guitar. His use of the Roger Mayer-designed ToneBender fuzzbox (“How Many More Times”), slide guitar (“You Shook Me”, “Dancing Days”, “In My Time of Dying”), pedal steel guitar (“Your Time Is Gonna Come”, “Tangerine”, “That’s The Way” and for effect at the very end of “Over the Hills and Far Away”), acoustic guitar (“Gallows Pole”, “Ramble On”) and recording techniques made Led Zeppelin a prototype for many future rock bands. His landmark guitar solo from the song “Heartbreaker”…

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