The Tomorrowland Climate Doom Movie: I watched it so you don’t have to

Watts Up With That?

tomorrowland-movieGuest review by John A.

Spoiler alert: This review will talk about the plot, so if you want to go and see the movie, please don’t read on.

Still here? OK.

There is a social theory amongst climate alarmists and environmentalists that the only people who deny the coming Apocalypse are those who are morally depraved by money or right-wing ideology or insanity or any combination thereof. If you think that sounds like millenarian religion, then you’re not wrong.

The problem with polarization of beliefs especially in the US, is that any topic under discussion can only be seen in one of two ways. The liberal left and right-wing conservatives describe the same phenomena in radically different ways. Or do they? I don’t think that they are deliberately being deceptive, so much as blind to their own ideologies and the weaknesses in those theories while being hypersensitive about those of…

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