Talking Truth to the Climate Consensus

Watts Up With That?

A sound bite summary*


Guest essay by Rud Istvan

The climate consensus has two levels of derogation for those who disagree. Climate ‘contrarians’ like Bjørn Lomborg disagree about mitigation policies. Climate ‘deniers’ like Judith Curry disagree about the underlying climatology. The consensus does not want disagreement, since the ‘science is settled’. They decline to engage (Schmidt/Spencer), disappear comments (Real Climate, the Guardian), refuse to host comments (LATimes), and loudly allege a fossil fuel funded ‘denier’ conspiracy (Grijalva). But they cannot avoid the occasional personal encounter. Following are some possible ‘silver bullets’.

There are basic consensus points that most ‘deniers’ “97%” agree with.

Yes, climate changes. Millennially, we are in the Holocene interglacial not the preceding ice age. Centennially, we are warming out of the LIA; London no longer has Thames Ice Fairs. We are not yet back to the MWP; farmers in Greenland still cannot grow barley as the Vikings…

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