Climate Craziness of the week: Climate change as ‘health threat’

Watts Up With That?

Cold and flu season? High blood pressure? Nah, its climate change!


From the Gristians, h/t to “ham salad” and “nixfu” in WUWT Tips and Notes.

Doctors are already seeing links between climate change and their patients’ health

Now, the nation’s leading medical practitioners — with the White House behind them — are stepping forward with a diagnosis that all of us should heed, because the symptoms are becoming undeniable and the risks tremendous: Climate change is a health threat.

The nation’s public health leaders, doctors, and nurses are seeing more and more evidence — both in their patients and in epidemiological data — showing the direct and indirect links. We’re seeing more respiratory illnesses, cardiovascular disease, and heat-related deaths.

As leaders of public health institutions, we cannot overstate the importance of the commitment from President Obama and the highest levels of our government to shine a light on the…

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