A Statistical Definition of the ‘Hiatus in Global Warming’ using NASA GISS and MLO data

Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Danley Wolfe

WUWT posted a piece I submitted last September titled ‘A look at carbon dioxide vs. global temperature’.

The main point I was trying to convey then is the “striking picture” of the actual data showing a complete lack of correlation between atmospheric CO2 and global mean temperature during the ongoing hiatus. The data set is NASA GISS global mean temperature and Mauna Loa/Keeling CO2, from 1959 through March, 2015.

The updated chart below (FIGURE 1) includes seven months of additional data from my last look. The recent months do not change the basic conclusion regarding the hiatus. But I feel there is more to learn by considering more deeply the implications of these data.



The crossplot of temperature versus CO2 [for the period 1999 to March 2015, commonly known as the “pause” or “hiatus”] reveals a shotgun scatter plot(Ref1)

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