Rahmstorf’s Third Trick

Climate Audit

Rahmstorf et al 2015 Figure 5 shows a coral d15N series from offshore Nova Scotia (see left panel below). The corresponding plot from the source is shown on the right.  Original captions for both follow.  There’s enough information in the figures and captions to figure out Rahmstorf’s next trick. See if you can figure it out before looking at my explanation below the fold.



Figure 1. Left – Rahmstorf et al Figure 5. Original caption: Figure 5 A compilation of different indicators for Atlantic ocean circulation. The blue curve shows our temperature-based AMOC index also shown in Fig. 3b. The dark red curve shows the same index based on NASA GISS temperature data-48 (scale on left). The green curve with uncertainty range shows coral proxy data – 25 (scale on right). The data are decadally smoothed. Orange dots show the analyses of data from hydrographic sections across the Atlantic at 25 N…

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