Review: Louis Zamperini Is Angelina Jolie’s ‘War Horse’ In ‘Unbroken’


If you combined 'Unbroken' with 'War Horse,' you'd have one hell of an uplifting centaur movie.

Unbroken is Seabiscuit author Laura Hillenbrand’s second non-fiction bestseller to be adapted into a feature film, and director Angelina Jolie and Co. treat their protagonist like yet another inspirational horse. The hero of Unbroken, Olympic running, lifeboat surviving POW Louis Zamperini, squeezed at least seven lifetimes’ worth of action and adventure into his one, a sort of real-life most interesting man in the world. And yet, the way the movie paints him, none of his dialog adds up to much more than coltish feet stamping and a raring for oats. You get a sense of what the man went through, but not much sense of the actual man. He sure had moxie though!

On some level, you have to commiserate with Angelina Jolie and her four credited screenwriters (the most recent of whom include the Coen Brothers). The idea for a film about Zamperini’s story has been around in…

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