Nicole Kidman Convinced Werner Herzog To Film Her Bathing, ‘A Scene Of Pure Eroticism’



Imagine Werner Herzog delivering this next quote and try not to have nightmares:

“It’s a scene of pure eroticism,” he told a press conference at the festival. “It’s the first erotic scene I think I’ve ever shot in my life.”

The scene in question comes from Queen of the Desert, a biopic of Gertrude Bell directed by Herzog, starring Nicole Kidman and James Franco, that premiered last week in Berlin. According to Herzog, the scene was Kidman’s idea.

“We had a folded canvas bathtub that we had in our equipment in the caravan, and Nicole said to me, ‘Werner, I have to take a bath, I want to take a bath,” Herzog noted. “And I said, ‘Let me write it into the screenplay.'”

Smash cut to Nicole Kidman covered in pregnant iguanas. “Bathe zem, Nichole! Zair souls are schtill pregnant!”

“I thought that was such a great addition because…

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