Ice Controls CO2 and Ocean Currents Shift Temperatures

Musings from the Chiefio

These are a couple of papers that do have the dreaded CO2 in one of them, but refreshingly, more as consequence than as causal. (Though it is a bit ambiguous about cause and effect…)

First up, a paper that claims to find that Antarctic ice growth causes the reduction in CO2 seen at ice age glacial maximum. Essentially that ice covers the place in the Southern Ocean where deep water CO2 can out gas. Not sure I completely buy into the theory (there’s a lot of ocean where, IMHO, CO2 could diffuse and enter / exit the water; and that is not accounted here). But still, quite refreshing to see CO2 as effect, not cause. It does sort of imply a CO2 causal involvement in the write up / description, but not in the description from the referenced paper (that I’ve not got in hand, though…)

The paleoclimate record…

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