RGIII Frequently Asked Question; How We Got Here, Why He’s Broken, and Where to Go Next

Football is Stupid

What the hell happened!?! Why does RGIII suck all the sudden!?

Okay, if you’re going to get shouty, this is going to be harder. Everything that’s gone on with is pretty complex and there’s no simple answer. More like there’s a bunch of complex answers that lead to an unclear solution.

Okay, start at the beginning — wasn’t Griffin touted as a “pocket passer who could run” coming out of Baylor? Was that a lie? A fluke?

It’s neither. If you were to look at what Cam Newton ran in college and compared it to what RGIII ran, you’d be inclined to think Baylor’s offense looked more NFL like.

But part of Baylor’s offense is the use of option routes based off the coverage the defense plays. I think this is where some of Griffin’s issues holding the ball stem from. There’s not a lot of anticipation throws in Baylor’s…

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