Chris Rapley: When Bureaucrats Pose as Climate Scientists

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Described as a “professor of climate science,” Chris Rapley has no teaching duties. Described as a “climate scientist,” he has spent decades in administrative roles.

Rapley_non_teachingUniversity College London says Christ Rapley teaches no students and participates in no research groups. Click to enlarge.

The UK’s Guardian newspaper ran a lengthy essay (3,800 words) this past weekend co-authored by a professor and a professional dramatist. It purports to explain why the UN climate negotiations scheduled for 2015 “cannot be allowed to fail.”

At the end of the essay, we’re advised that Chris Rapley is a “professor of climate science” at University College London and that his co-author, Duncan Macmillan, writes and directs plays.

But according to the University College website, Rapley’s academic position is actually a “Non-Teaching Appointment.” Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that he served as executive director of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (1994-1998)…

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