Silly Headline of the Day – NYT: Climate Change Threatens to Strip the Identity of Glacier National Park

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Bob Tisdale

And the opening of the NewYorkTimes article reads:

GLACIER NATIONAL PARK, Mont. — What will they call this place once the glaciers are gone?

My suggestions are at the end of the post.

There is a redeeming paragraph in the NYT article. It reads (my boldface):

The retreat is not entirely due to man-made global warming, though scientists say that plays a major role. While the rate of melting has alternately sped up and slowedin lock step with decades-long climate cycles, it has risen steeply since about 1980.

“sped up and slowed” suggests the glaciers have been melting all along. And that’s correct. The epoch we are now in is called an interglacial. And what happens during interglacials? Glaciers melt. That’s precisely what they’ve been doing since the last ice age ended many millennia ago. The author of the NYT article even…

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