No Wind, No Sun, No Power

Big Picture News, Informed Analysis

Windmills and solar panels sound wonderful. Except that the UK wind isn’t blowing and the German sun isn’t shining.


Saying negative things about green energy doesn’t make one popular at dinner parties. It isn’t considered polite, you see, to dispute the notion that we could all live greenly ever after if we’d just rearrange our priorities a little.

I’m a keen fan of technological progress. I also have an abiding faith in human ingenuity. So I feel sympathy for people who sincerely believe we’re on the cusp of a new energy revolution. But the evidence just isn’t there.

A few days ago I mentioned three reasons why wind power is more difficult and complicated than people discussing it over a glass of wine and a marvelous meal tend to think it is. Andrew Montford, on his BishopHill blog, has since posted a piece titled The Great Still.


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