Changes in Total Solar Irradiance

“The climate system is not some inanimate object that is simply pushed around by external forcings.”

Watts Up With That?

Total solar irradiance, also called “TSI”,  is the total amount of energy coming from the sun at all frequencies. It is measured in watts per square metre (W/m2). Lots of folks claim that the small ~ 11-year variations in TSI are amplified by some unspecified mechanism, and thus these small changes in TSI make an observable difference in some aspect of the temperature.

In that regard, here are the monthly variations in TSI (as a global 24/7 average) as shown by the CERES data:

ceres monthly variation in tsiFigure 1. Variations in TSI. The upper panel (red) shows the actual measured TSI. The middle panel shows the seasonal component of that variation. The bottom panel shows the ~ eleven-year variation in TSI once the seasonal data has been removed.

There are oddities in this record. Overall, the ~ eleven-year variation is a bit more than a quarter of a W/m2. However, from late 2000…

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