ClimateBallers and the MM05 Simulations

How Would You “Remove the Climate Signal” Anyway?

Climate Audit

ClimateBallers are extremely suspicious of the MM05 simulation methodology, to say the least.  A recurrent contention is that we should have removed the climate “signal” from the NOAMER tree ring network before calculating parameters for our red noise simulations, though it is not clear how you would do this when you not only don’t know the true “signal”, but its estimation is the purpose of the study.

In the actual NOAMER network, because of the dramatic inconsistency between the 20 stripbark chronologies and the 50 other chronologies, it is impossible to obtain a network of residuals that are low-order red noise anyway – a fundamental problem that specialists ignore. Because ClimateBallers are concerned that our simulations might have secretly embedded HS shapes into our simulated networks, I’ve done fresh calculations demonstrating that the networks really do contain “trendless red noise” as advertised.  Finally, if ClimateBallers continue to seek a “talking point”…

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