Climate Craziness of the Week: Naomi Oreskes says climate change will kill your pets

Watts Up With That?

oreskesAfter reading the transcript of her radio interview, I think she’s finally had her “jumped the shark” moment. From Andrew Bolt’s report in Australia, Oreskes sounds even more off the rails than the always wrong doomer Paul Ehrlich. Bolt writes:

Just how crazy are the world’s leading global warming alarmists? Tony Thomas investigates the strange case of Naomi Oreskes, and how the ABC’s Robyn “100 metres” Williams didn’t even blink an eye:

Global warming is going to “wipe out” every Australian man, woman and child, according to Naomi Oreskes, the much-quoted Professor of the History of Science at Harvard. Revered by catastropharians the world over, she was a guest on a recent edition of Robyn Williams’ Science Show on Radio National…

The glum forecast is in her latest book, The Collapse of Western Civilisation (co-author Erik Conway)…

What Oreskes predicts is that some people in northern inland regions of…

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