Skeptical of skeptics: is Steve Goddard right?

In responding to Goddard’s post, Zeke, Nick Stokes (Moyhu) and Watts may have missed the real story. They focused on their previous criticism of Goddard and missed his main point. Further, I think there was an element of ‘boy who cried wolf’ – Goddard has been wrong before, and the comments at Goddard’s blog can be pretty crackpotty. However, the main point is that this group is rapidly self-correcting – the self-correcting function in the skeptical technical blogosphere seems to be more effective (and certainly faster) than for establishment climate science.

There’s another issue here and that is one of communication.  Why was Goddard’s original post unconvincing to this group, whereas Homewood’s post seems to be convincing?  Apart from ‘crying wolf’ issue, Goddard focused on the message that the real warming was much less than portrayed by the NOAA data set (caught the attention of the mainstream media), whereas Homewood more carefully documented the actual problem with the data set.

Climate Etc.

by Judith Curry

Skeptics doing what skeptics do best . . . attack skeptics.Suyts

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