Do Climate Scientists Approve? Who Cares?

Big Picture News, Informed Analysis

Asking a random group of climate scientists to comment on policy measures (as opposed to scientific questions) leads to some disturbing answers.

climate-scientists-approval click for source

Two days ago, a journalist associated with the Washington Post (one of the most influential newspapers in the world) did something truly bizarre. He asked scientists to comment on a politicalannouncement by the US government.

These scientists then did something even more bizarre. They participated. They expounded. They voiced their personal opinions about a policy decision. Even though their expertise is not in policy, even though lots of well-qualified people are trained, experienced policy analysts, these scientists imagined that their personal opinions were relevant.

On Monday morning, President Barack Obama announced plans to restrict the carbon dioxide emissions of US power plants. The Environmental Protection Agency also released a 645-page explanatory document.

Mere hours later – by two o’clock in the afternoon, to…

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