What a vapid sham

One might have thought it took some initiative, some creative spark to launch a blog. One would be sadly mistaken. And to sustain this sham of an industry, of which I am an unwilling issue, WordPress foists upon the user a bewildering variety of enticing “creative expression” acoutrements, often at a price. Why, one barely has to know how to type, so efficient are the available templates! In fact, literacy will probably be disadvantageous sooner than we think…

So this is how Western Civilization crumbles and dies. The media elites in Manhattan and Hollywood had their faults and biases, but at least they had stylebooks and dictionaries. Wikipedia wasn’t around to be their go-to source for every goddamn thing; they had to look shit up every once in a while, or call a source or two to confirm a story. Today those media empires have splintered into hundreds of websites and blogs, some more reliable than others, some downright skeezy. I have little doubt that the process will only accelerate as succeeding generations abandon “old media” altogether in favor of the new thing. Whatever that happens to   be. That day.

Which is why I never wanted to be a blog. It’s not exactly respectable company, you see.Image


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