President Obama Just Transferred ANOTHER $500 Million to the UN Green Fund

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Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Back in March WUWT reported how President Obama transferred $500 Million to the UN Green Fund. According to Mother Jones, he has just done it again.

Obama Just Took One Final Step to Fight Global Warming

And there’s nothing Donald Trump can do about it.


President Barack Obama has made one final contribution to the fight against global warming on his way out the White House door. On Tuesday, Obama transferred $500 million to the UN’s Green Climate Fund, a key program set up to finance climate change adaptation and renewable energy projects in developing countries. That’s on top of another $500 million the Obama administration had already given to the fund.

… Trump won’t be able to reverse payments to the UN that have already been made.

Obama’s total contributions of $1 billion are still far short of…

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The Big Chill: All US states except Florida have subfreezing temperatures

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We’ve known that the USA is in for a bi-coastal blast of cold air, snow, and heavy rains, but this map by Jesse Farrell shows just have much of the contiguous USA have below freezing temperatures this morning.

Here is a summary of temperatures seen this morning by states:

  • All States except Florida (80% of US Land) are less than 32°F
  • 25 States (30% Land) Below 0 °F
  • 6 States Below -20°F


Of course, though not seen in the map above, Alaska has subfreezing temperatures, and Hawaii has subfreezing temperatures on the mountain peaks of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea -not unusual for this time of year, but it is important not to exclude the 49th, and 50th states from any discussion about the USA.

Meanwhile, a once in a decade storm will hit California this weekend.

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Wind and Solar to Provide 4% of Global Primary Energy by 2040!

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Guest post by David Middleton

They may need to nudge the Doomsday Clock a bit closer to midnight, if ExxonMobil’s 2017 Outlook for Energy: A View to 2040 turns out to be an accurate forecast.

A few highlights:

xom01 Oil and natural gas will continue to provide 55% of the world’s primary energy through 2040. While wind and solar will continue their meteoric rise to 4%… Yes, I know meteors don’t climb.

xom02 While wind and solar capacity will grow rapidly, utilization will lag.

Even if we zero-in on electricity generation, wind and solar don’t fare much better…

xom03 Wind and solar won’t be providing 85% of the world’s electricity in 2040. Coal will still be generating twice as much electricity as wind and solar.

What about plug-in electric vehicles (PEV)?  Won’t they save the world from climate change?

xom04 Full hybrids are expected to reach 15% of the global fleet. PEV’s will…

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