Sierra Club and Sierra Club Foundation Accused of Tax Law Violations

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E&E Legal Files Referral With IRS Regarding Sierra Club and Sierra Club Foundation Tax Law Violations

Washington, D.C. – Today, the Energy & Environment Legal Institute (E&E Legal) filed a formal referral with the Internal Revenue Service alleging the Sierra Club and the Sierra Club Foundation are in potential noncompliance regarding two areas of tax law: impermissible benefit to private interests and failure to pay taxes on unrelated business income. A detailed report authored by E&E Legal’s General Counsel David W. Schnare outlining the specific violations accompanied the IRS referral, which seeks the tax agency’s careful review and investigation into these potential tax law violations.

Regarding its failure to pay taxes on unrelated business income, the Sierra Club sends its members into communities to sell the products of a selected local solar panel company in Maryland, Utah and dozens of other states in exchange for contributions…

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Hiding the Decline

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by Judith Curry

To date, I’ve kept Climate Etc.  a “tree ring free zone,” since the issues surrounding the hockey stick are a black hole for conflict and pretty much a tar baby, IMO.  Further, paleoproxies are outside the arena of my personal research expertise, and I find my eyes glaze over when I start reading about bristlecones, etc.  However, two things this week have changed my mind, and I have decided to take on one aspect of this issue: the infamous “hide the decline.”

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Claim: New Antarctic sea-ice extent due to wind and ‘atmospheric warming’ – what warming?

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Ah ya gotta love the ABC of Australia, they’ll find a way to keep the meme alive no matter what, as reported in WUWT two days ago,  they found this guy to give a “the warming is wot dun it” quote with their story about the record level of Antarctic sea ice:

ABC_antarctic sea ice

CEO of the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems CRC, Tony Worby, said the warming atmosphere is leading to greater sea ice coverage by changing wind patterns.

“The extent of sea ice is driven by the winds around Antarctica, and we believe that they’re increasing in strength and part of that is around the depletion of ozone,” he said.

Warming doesn’t seem to be a problem when you look at the satellite data for the Antarctic continent, in fact, there is a slight cooling:

rss_ts_channel_tlt_southern polar_land_and_sea_v03_3Source: Remote Sensing Systems (RSS) – Microwave Sounding Units (MSU)

UAH_antarctic(UAH data…

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NASA GISS Tweaks the Short-Term Global Temperature Trend Upwards

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Guest Post by Bob Tisdale

GISS released its August 2014 global surface temperature data today. As I was preparing the graphs for the August 2014 surface and lower troposphere temperature update, I noticed a sizeable jump in the short-term trend in the GISS data. (I’ll try to post the full update this evening.) The August GISS LOTI value is higher than July, but it should not have had that much of an effect on the trend for the period of January 1998 to present. Not too surprisingly, much of the increase in trend was caused by adjustments to data from 2000 to 2013.

Figure 1 compares the short-term annual trend of two recent versions of the GISS global surface temperature data, from 1998 to 2013. The version as of August 7, 2014 (through June 2014) is available through the Wayback Machine here

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Report – emails reveal ‘collusion’ with green activist groups over EPA climate agenda

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NEW REPORT: FOIA’d Emails show outside ‘green’ lobby groups staffed up, collude with Obama EPA, calling rules’ legality into question

For Immediate Release:September 15, 2014 |

Obama’s EPA in collusion with “green” lobby groups — Report details the conflicts of interest, “unalterably closed minds”, internal activism and influence of outside interest groups on the Obama Administration EPA. Documents raise questions re EPA rules legality

Washington, D.C. – The Energy & Environment Legal Institute (E&E Legal) released a report today revealing and piecing together dozens of emails obtained under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which lay out in detail EPA’s collusion with senior activists within environmentalist pressure groups, and proving the real thinking about the intent behind and impact of EPA’s “climate” regulations.

Far from the required recusing to avoid the appearance of a conflict, EPA filled its senior political ranks with green pressure group activists, continuing their life’s work…

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When the Media Makes You Weep

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Journalists are betraying the public’s trust.

US Secretary of State John Kerry was mocked in the pages of the Wall Street Journal last week for insisting that climate change is the world’s most pressing problem. As the subtitle of US senator John Barasso’s opinion piece phrased it, “The Obama administration talks global warming as the world burns.” Barasso listed six arenas of concern he considers more critical: Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, Iran, Syria, and North Korea.

The events occupying my own attention in recent months include those in Eastern Europe, as well as China and Hong Kong. Most of all, though, I am appalled at how journalists have been conducting themselves. We are witnessing a tidal wave of impaired judgment. What media organizations consider newsworthy and what barely makes it onto their radar frequently leaves me gasping.

The saturation coverage of the Gaza conflict versus the low-key…

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